A man is putting his best foot forward by litter picking across the coast of Britain.

Wayne Dixon, aged 47 from Blackburn, is almost halfway through his journey to collect litter along the whole coast of Britain.

He arrived in Weymouth on Monday, September 24 and is raising money for charities MIND and the Northern Inuit Dog Society.

He is completing his challenge with his dog Koda, a Northern Inuit, and says he is ‘fulfilling a lifelong dream by walking the coast of Britain.’

He said: “I have been very impressed with Weymouth seafront. It’s a lot cleaner than somewhere like Torbay where I have come from.”

“I am picking up litter across the whole coast of Britain. I pick up every piece of litter I walk past.

“I have covered around 3,300 miles over two and a half years. I’m now more or less half way around, but it will probably take another three years to complete.”

Discussing his charities, he said: “My father was seriously bipolar, and I have suffered from depression, so that’s why I have chosen MIND.

“My dog Koda is a Northern Inuit, I inherited him off my father when he died. We didn’t know his background when we first got him because he was a rescue dog, but the society helped us out a lot.”

Discussing his challenge, he said: “I am trying to get us back to a cleaner and safer way of living. There’s a blanket of litter covering the country. On the beaches we’re seeing litter from around the world.

“In my mind, it’s not just about tackling litter, it’s about tackling lots of other issues because litter is having an impact on people’s wellbeing.”

He was also concerned about the impact of litter on tourism and said: “All it takes is a young family to have a serious injury and local tourism is lost.”

Mr Dixon will spend the next couple of days walking around Portland then will be walking from Weymouth to Lulworth Cove and Bournemouth.