Students of Radipole Primary School will be able to spend more time learning outside thanks to the school's new nature suits.

Albion Stone has helped pay for 30 new nature suits, so students can spend more time learning in the nature reserve outside the school.

Headteacher Veronique Singer has thanked Albion Stone for their sponsorship.

She said: “Thank you very much because without the support of Albion Stone it would be impossible for us – in a time of constrained budgets – to buy the suits.”

She added that children spending more time outside helps them grow and benefits their learning.

Danny Hilton, who is the project manager of Albion Stone, said: “The school was looking for sponsorship and as a company we do offer a lot of sponsorship, especially with Dorset Wildlife Trust.

“Some children struggle behind a desk, so if this can help get them out all year then that’s great.

He added: “They all look really good, I think parents will be pleased because the suits will help keep the children’s school uniforms clean.”

The children will now use the new shelter located in the nature reserve all year round, while they take part in fun activities to help their learning.

Helen Mullins, early years leader, said: “Now we can come outside at any time, so three to four times a week. It gives us a new learning environment in the wood, which is warm, dry and comfortable.

“The sorts of things we have been doing is learning through play and exploration. The children have been sorting leaves by size, shape and colour, collecting sticks and ordering them by length. They’re having so much fun that they have no idea what they’re actually doing is learning.”

Each year group at the school will have a chance to use the nature suits and learn outside.

She added: “We really want to be using them on a daily basis.”