CHESS players flocked to Dorchester to compete in a knock-out tournament.

Teams from Yeovil, Bridport, Weymouth, Wimborne and Purbeck each brought six players to take on the county town club in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

The silver jubilee event attracted players of all ages, with the youngest, eleven-year-old Jonathan Aldwinckle, and the oldest well into their retirement years.

Secretary Frank Fallon said: "Unfortunately Dorchester didn't win. The way it was organised we had players of equivalent strength, and in the end Yeovil came out on top.

"We had 18 matches, Yeovil won four, Bridport and Weymouth won three and a half each because there was a draw, Dorchester won three and Wimborne and Purbeck won two each."

The jamboree, held at the Colliton Club, marked the start of a programme of activities for the Dorchester club.

Mr Fallon said the Dorchester Chess Club did celebrate one victory with team member Kevin Goater being the event's highest graded player.

The home team were a little surprised not to win but said it was a difficult one because they had set up a bit of a handicap to give everyone a chance at playing.

Mr Fallon said: "It's not sour grapes but if we had fielded our top six best players we would have been very highly graded.

"Our second and third best players weren't playing but then some of the other teams did something similar as well. Some teams like Purbeck fielded their best squad but didn't win anyway."

He added: "It was very disappointing but we had a good time. We had a special trophy made for the event. Yeovil will get their name engraved on it and if they organise something similar next year, Dorchester will definitely win it back again."

Dorchester Chess Club is keen to attract new members and anyone interested in joining can call Mr Fallon on 01305 263095.