A dairy farmer has revealed how far he walks in the course of his job - and it equates to walking the whole of the Jurassic Coast every 12 days.

Will Tizzard has been counting his steps, and takes an average of 105,000 every week. Over 12 days, this would add up to 95 miles, the length of the Jurassic coastline.

Mr Tizzard, 23, has been working on his farm for 18 months, since graduating from Reading University and spending six months working on a dairy in New Zealand. He and his team start milking their 370 cross-breed cows at 5am every morning.

Mr Tizzard, who farms in Blandford, is one of 2,400 Arla dairy farmers in the UK, who collectively power the dairy industry allowing the country to enjoy milk every day. As a member of the Arla farmer co-operative, Will owns a share of the business which means both Arla and the co-operative farmers can work together to create a sustainable long-term future for the dairy industry.

He said: “The day to day running of a farm and the upkeep of healthy and happy cows is a seven day a week job, which often means working 10 to 12 hour days. My daily tasks include milking, allocating grass for cows to eat and rearing young stock for the future of the herd. I cover 15,000 steps on average a day which equates to around 800 calories. Therefore a high-intake balanced diet is essential.

“I love to utilise the core product from the farm as part of my daily breakfast of porridge sided with a milkshake, both made with fresh milk straight from the dairy.”

Lise Larson, senior nutrition specialist at Arla Foods added: “Milk is one of nature’s original superfoods , and is recommended by experts and governments across the world as part of a healthy diet for all of us. Healthy eating is essential for hard working farmers, as the dairy industry relies on their power, strength, commitment and stamina each and every day.

“As well as being naturally high in protein, consuming balanced amounts of milk, yoghurt and cheese in our diets contributes to the natural nutrients that are important for maintaining our body’s function. Besides the well-know high calcium content, milk is naturally high in iodine – which helps maintain normal cognitive function, as well as vitamin B2, which reduces tiredness and fatigue. It also contains potassium, which aids maintenance of normal blood pressure and muscle function.

“However, milk is more than nutrients, and we shouldn’t forget about its great taste and creaminess that makes it so versatile for cooking.”

The milk produced by Will’s cows is responsible for milk which is sold in supermarkets across the UK, with all the profits re- invested in the business or returned to Arla farmers.