Dorchester YMCA is getting ready to celebrate a huge milestone birthday after being part of the community for 150 years.

Club president Godfrey Lancashire and chair Peter Green are inviting "anyone with past or present associations with the club" to a celebratory tea party.

The event will be held on the afternoon of Saturday October 13, from 2-5pm at the YMCA site on Sawmills Lane, Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester.

The 150th anniversary celebrations feature demonstrations by YMCA gymnastics teams and cheerleading displays.

Chairman Peter Green said: "I feel proud to have been involved with the YMCA since 1977 - it is one of the oldest in the country and I think it's fair to say the club is part and parcel of Dorchester life.

"A lot of people tell us how their parents and grandparents were once associated with the club, so I'd like to extend a warm invitation to those people to join the 150th celebrations.

"The YMCA is committed to its tradition of making sport available to all young people no matter what their background is - as well as celebrating our history we're looking forward to some exciting changes in the future that will enable even more people to participate."

President Godfrey Lancashire said: "We look forward to seeing old members, friends of the club and anyone wishing to know more about us."

Dorchester's YMCA was set up in 1868 as an independent non-profit charity to offer sport, recreation and community activities for people in Dorchester, regardless of race, religion, disability and gender.

Its football team and table tennis club were particularly successful. The organisation moved into newly built premises in Icen Way in 1869, the foundation stone of which was laid by George Williams, the original founder of the YMCA.

In 1992 the association moved to its current location in Sawmills where it continues to provide the community with a wide variety of sports and activities including gymnastics, free-running, cheerleading, yoga, table tennis, zumba and cricket.

It is home to a local Baptist church, and offers hire facilities for small groups and organisations at a charity rate.