A grandmother has been reunited with workers who helped run her scholarship in the Solomon Island.

Josephine Haisau and Rhoda Masi have paid a visit to Pat McEvoy in Bridport, the first time they have visited the country and the first ever journey they have made beyond Oceania.

Pat set up the John McEvoy Scholarship for Girls with her four daughters in 2012 in memory of her husband John, with the aim of sending girls from the Soloman Islands to school.

John was a former missionary and teacher who travelled to the Solomon Islands in 1952.

During his 18 years there, he was in charge of the Burma Mission Station and headmaster of a school of 400 children.

From the scholarship, 25 female students have benefited, with several having gone to university.

It also enabled young women with speech and hearing impairment to learn life skills and to find a place in society.

Pat said: "Josephine and Rhoda want to thank the trustees, the parishioners of the Bridport Catholic Church, and everyone who has contributed and helped with the John McEvoy Scholarships for Girls.

"Their generosity has been tremendous. The scholarships have been a great success."

Josephine and Rhoda alongside Father Cor Hooijmaijers, the chancellor of the Diocese of Honiara, were amongst the excellent trustees who carried out administration and financial tasks for the scholarship, as well as interviewing and selecting suitable candidates.

The scholarship ran up until last year, with Farther Cor retiring in October after 56 years on the Solomon Islands, and he has come to live in Bridport, meaning both Josephine and Rhoda have been able to see him again.

During their trip, they visited Lyme Regis and Dorchester as well as several other local beauty spots.

Pat said: "They have made contact with parishioners of the catholic church here, who have entertained them and made them most welcome.

"They find life very different here compared to the Solomons where life is very basic.

"Rhoda and Josephine are delighted to have this holiday and Bridport and will go back to the Solomons with many happy memories of Bridport, the good, friendly people and of their first journey outside Oceania."