I AM writing in regards of the new proposal of 3,500 houses north of Dorchester.

At Poundbury there is an apartment in the Royal Pavilion at over two million pounds, certainly not for the locals.

When one goes on the internet site of “Right Move” all one see are houses for sale at Poundbury.

This development is not in keeping with the ancient town of Dorchester, more in line with Bath or London.

Now they should build the rest of this development for the local people who deserve it more than anyone else.

The retirement apartments built by McCarthy and Stone, the service charge per annum is £8,000 that is without the cost of everything else one has.

How many of Poundbury properties are second homes?

How will the Dorset County Hospital be able to cope with the demand that extra residents will bring?

It makes sense now to continue the development but only for social housing and then there would be no need for this new development north of Dorchester.

All developers are interested are the huge profits that they will be making.

Another subject for thought is that the Dorchester police only have five police officers on duty at one time, how are they going to manage more residents?

Brewery Square is still building more properties and with 1,700 on the housing waiting list, why is there need for another large development when Poundbury is the answer to the problem.

We have such beautiful countryside around Dorchester we should fight to keep it, for once it becomes a concrete jungle, that’s it.

As it is such a lovely county I feel we should make part of it a National Park so as to protect this wonderful countryside for the future.

If you feel as I do write, get a petition going, make your voice heard, let them know just how strongly we feel about this new development.


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