On the very day, 3/10/18, you print my letter, “Build homes we need,” rebuking MP Oliver Letwin for stating in his column, 29/9/18, that house building should be restricted to avoid a massive recession, PM Theresa May, in her closing speech at the Conservative conference, made tackling the housing crisis her number one priority, anchored in the centre of British politics.

Genuinely meaningful reform, helping councils to build more homes. This statement must have come as a bit of a shock to the MP for West Dorset?

Is he not a permanent member of the cabinet? Or did the PM want to keep her powder dry

in order to silence her many critics?

Whatever, this promise to build more social housing must be backed up by a change in the law.

That these new homes must be occupied in perpetuity. Not bought then resold on to become second homes or an investment, only to create another housing crisis for the next generation of home seekers.

Rodney Best