There have been mixed results as two Weymouth schools receive their first Ofsted inspection after being placed into special measures.

Budmouth College and All Saints School in Weymouth were both rated 'inadequate' by inspectors in May.

Last month, Ofsted inspectors returned to the schools to conduct monitoring visits to ensure that they are taking 'effective action' towards the removal of special measures.

Read on to find out what inspectors said about Budmouth, or see more information about All Saints' report here.


Leaders at Budmouth have been praised by inspectors for their work to improve the school.

Inspector, Steve Smith said principal Richard Jacobs was "leading the school with quiet purpose and integrity in challenging circumstances."

Mr Smith added: "[Mr Jacobs] is galvanising support steadily throughout the school community because he knows what needs to change and is setting out a positive vision. His efforts to move the school forward are supported by the accuracy of his self-evaluation and acknowledgement of the school’s weaknesses."

Mr Smith said senior leaders at Budmouth had helped in their efforts to improve the school by removing the "dysfunctional governing body."

He said the new interim executive board (IEB) consisted of experienced professionals who were "focused squarely on improving the quality of teaching and raising achievement" and had adopted a “robust, challenging approach to ensure that school leaders are held to account.”

Pupils told inspectors the school was calmer and there had been fewer fights and incidents of bullying since Mr Jacob’s appointment as principal.

Inspectors said leaders and teachers had begun implementing a “more positive, less punitive culture” and small but significant changes had helped foster a greater sense of order and respect.

Mr Smith added middle leaders now felt positive about the direction the school was taking.

“Learning leaders now feel more empowered to implement, and have an impact on, school initiatives. They feel optimistic because the wider staff are keen to move the school forward. One learning leader commented, ‘…there is a will to make things better,’” he said.

However, the report said although teaching was “variable” across the school, teachers were still failing to inspire pupils.

Mr Smith said pupils were not encouraged to think for themselves or develop a "reflective, intellectually curious mindset" because teachers’ expectations were too low.

Inspectors also found leaders had not acted swiftly enough to prioritise the needs of disadvantaged pupils and a review of the additional pupil premium funding was now urgently needed.

Mr Smith said disadvantaged pupils did not have a high enough profile in the school and staff did not consistently plan for pupils’ needs and adapt their teaching. As a result, disadvantaged pupils’ outcomes are not improving.

Principal Richard Jacobs welcomed the report and said: “All of my colleagues have worked hard to forge a new path at Budmouth College and I am so pleased that their efforts have received such positive recognition.

“There is a collective will to ensure that all our students are happy and successful, today and tomorrow. We know we still have a lot of work ahead of us, especially in building support for our disadvantaged students, but we now have the confidence to pursue our reforms with all speed.”