There have been mixed results as two Weymouth schools receive their first Ofsted inspection after being placed into special measures.

Budmouth College and All Saints School in Weymouth were both rated 'inadequate' by inspectors in May.

Last month, Ofsted inspectors returned to the schools to conduct monitoring visits to ensure that they are taking 'effective action' towards the removal of special measures.

Read on to find out what inspectors said about All Saints, or see more information about Budmouth's report here.


All Saints leaders are not doing enough to pull themselves out of special measures, an Ofsted inspector found.

In a report, Ofsted inspector Kathy Maddocks said: "Having considered all the evidence, I am of the opinion that at this time leaders and managers are not taking effective action towards the removal of special measures."

The report added the school needed to "urgently address shortcomings in safeguarding."

Ms Maddocks found leaders had not yet established a secure safeguarding culture, pupils were not supervised adequately at the start and end of the day and "too many" vehicles entered the school without attempts to identify their purpose.

The report added children attending alternative provision had not been monitored sufficiently and leaders had failed to ensure their safety.

All Saints' headteacher resigned earlier in the year and leaders from Queen Elizabeth’s School in Wimborne stepped into the temporary roles of executive and acting headteacher in May.

Inspectors found they both had a "secure grasp of the school's strengths and weaknesses" but the school's long-term capacity for leadership was "not secure" as they were in temporary roles.

Three new assistant headteachers were appointed in September and inspectors said they were "stepping into their roles well".

A new behaviour policy was introduced in June which inspectors said had been successful with significantly reduced incidents of poor behaviour and low-level disruption had become a rarity.

Ms Maddocks said the acting headteacher had established a calm and orderly atmosphere within the school and pupils’ behaviour was consistently polite and courteous.

However, she added there had been no improvement in poor attendance and there was "no detailed action plan to implement changes to the deep-rooted habits of pupils who do not attend regularly."

As a result attendance of pupils remains below national averages.

The report said the school’s conversion to a sponsored academy was yet to take place but this was a focus of the new Interim Executive Board.

Acting headteacher Brian Boyes said comments made about safeguarding, staff records, site security and pupils that attend alternative provision are in being "dealt with urgently."

"We know there are many areas the school needs to work on to come out of special measures and there is a clear action plan on our website to this effect which is updated regularly," he said.

He added the school was delighted inspectors had recognised the progress made in pupils' behaviour.

"I am immensely proud of the incredible hard work of the staff at All Saints and the pupils for responding to change in a mature way," Mr Boyes said.

He added he was not in a position to share information about potential sponsorship for academy conversion at this stage.