|Are you sick of low pay and expensive housing? One of Britain's leading experts on incomes and inequality will be speaking at a conference to campaign for better wages and living standards in South Dorset.

Oxford University professor Danny Dorling will lead the discussion at the Weymouth & Portland Action on Wages (WeyPAW) event this Saturday October 13.

Wages in Weymouth and Portland are officially the lowest in the UK according to the Office for National Statistics - average pay fell by nearly ten percent last year to just £282.90 a week.

WeyPAW convenor Phil Marfleet said: "People in South Dorset are facing chronically low wages and high housing costs, with many paid below the minimum wage.

"Some employers are evading labour market regulations, failing to provide entitlements such as holiday pay, particularly in the seasonal and catering industries where many younger people are being exploited.

Organisers say the event will be an open public forum, with all in attendance being invited to express their views.

Mr Marfleet said: "There is a crisis in local democracy - the problem is that people are growing increasingly sceptical about whether their opinions make any difference.

"Many people took part in the recent consultation on health cuts, but the message from the CCG was essentially "we're not interested."

"It's not surprising that there has been a sketchy response to the recent Local Plan consultation."

According to housing charity Shelter just 20 affordable homes were build in Weymouth & Portland in 2016 - local researcher Steve Bendle will be speaking about local housing policy.

Mr Marfleet said: "It is within the powers of local councils to develop plans that will benefit the community - not just landowners and developers.

"We believe we can do better, so we are creating a policy statement for changes to be made in south Dorset."

The free event is being held at Safewise on Radipole Lane, Weymouth DT4 0QF from12pm-4pm. For more information see www.weypaw.org.uk -the group is on Facebook and can also be contacted at weypaw@gmail.com.