DO you remember when people relied on libraries and books for information?

I do not because I am too young but even to me the thought of employing the knowledge of books to study can seem more accomplishing.

Today the internet has been taken by storm and for the most part, it is beneficial in all aspects of life from communication to shopping or even for research.

However useful as it is, the more traditional ways of doing things are starting to become extinct.

Libraries are less used and many have closed and people easily avoid face to face interaction due to the use of email and social media – it’s too easy.

Therefore, I think that people are becoming lazier as information is easier to access and they are not pushing themselves to achieve their potential.

An example of this is with homework.

If you have to write an essay for a subject such as history then most people will use the internet to find additional information to your own.

With such a wealth of information available from questionable sources, this information can very likely be wrong.

This is when a library can become valuable – it will contain books that have been fact checked and contain the correct information so you have a greater chance of creating better work.

However wonderful the internet can be, people are forgetting the momentous power of words, the power of facts and ultimately the power of books.

By James Sullivan