There's something in the water – new artefacts have just been added to Portland Underwater Curiosity Park at Castletown.

Scuba divers who venture into the depths near Balaclava Bay will find the underwater curiosity park is now even more curious.

A selection of unusual objects were loaded onto a boat before being carefully lowered into the park, which is an area of seabed the size of a small football pitch.

Park creator Derek Luckhurst says the latest additions to the park are "absolutely amazing" and believes they will look particularly dramatic when viewed in their new home under the sea.

He said: "When you see the artefacts 14 metres below sea level they take on an entirely new appearance.

"Being immersed in this underwater 3D environment is an experience I would liken to walking on the moon."

The underwater scuba diving attraction opened last month in Balaclava Bay and features a myriad of marine artefacts to explore, including a giant stone shark and spooky submerged temple.

The new artefacts include giant 'Roman' statues, a giant statue of a dog and a bizarre half-woman, half-cat sculpture.

Mr Luckhurst says he first dreamt up the idea for the park around three years ago, in response to the local diving scene dwindling: "I wanted to put Castletown back on the map for diving and hopefully attract new people to the sport, so with the help of Portland Port and partners I was able to establish an area for a man-made park.

"Balaclava Bay is perfect for a novice diver – it has good visibility and is protected from currents and winds."

Mr Luckhurst has been working on regenerating Castletown after relocating his business, Agincare, to the area. The regeneration scheme includes the Crabbers’ Wharf redevelopment and Castletown D-Day centre, which is free for visitors, as is the new diving attraction.

He said: "I was brought up in Weymouth and Portland – my father, uncle and grandfather all worked at the Navy base and I spent a lot of my childhood on Portland, so I hold this area quite dear.

"I'm taking the opportunity to give something back."

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