Police are investigating a video circulating on social media which appears to show teenage girls brazenly shoplifting in Weymouth and boasting about it.

The video, which was originally shared on Snapchat, shows them targeting the Phone and Vape Hub in St Mary Street.

Dorset Police confirmed they are investigating.

In the video, the group can be seen giggling and shouting in the shop whilst harassing a staff member. They then appear to take smoking paraphernalia without paying.

The video’s caption says: “How did we rob a shop and get away with it. Grand theft auto.” The phrase references a video game where players can break the law carrying out different acts.

Shop worker Michael Bandi works at the shop and was captured in the group’s video. The shop has been open for less than a month.

He explained: “I didn’t know how to react to them. We’ve only just opened the shop.”

Mr Bandi claims an estimated £50 worth of goods, including lighters, grinders and tobacco, was stolen by shoplifters over a few days last week. It is not known if the same group is responsible.

He said on one occasion, a group went to the over 18s section of the shop and started looking at the lighters and grinders.

Mr Bandi said he asked them for identification, but they laughed in his face before allegedly stealing a lighter.

He recorded the incident to show as evidence to police. However, he says this agitated the group who began recording him back.

“They said I couldn’t record them because they’re under sixteen.” he said.

He added: “I don’t want it to happen again, so hopefully they won’t come back.

“It was the first time I’ve spoken with police officers in the UK, they were very kind.”

Mr Bandi said customers have been very supportive since the incident.

“People have been very nice and have been asking how they can help. “They saw the video on Facebook and have asked if it’s been sorted out by police” he said.

Mayor of Weymouth and Portland Gill Taylor, said she was appalled by the incident.

She said: “Firstly, I hope that the shop worker is ok. Secondly, I hope the business carries on successfully. I wonder how anyone could have thought this was a good idea, I have no idea. I’m appalled it’s happened in Weymouth. We’ve got so many good youngsters in the town, but it only takes one or two to spoil it. I hope police catch those responsible.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “Dorset Police is aware of the video circulating on social media.

“An investigation is underway. No arrests have been made and enquiries remain ongoing.”