WE HAVE just returned from a few days in Llandudno.

Resplendent fairy lights adorn the large promenade.

There are even real public toilets.

Weymouth does better Llandudno in the fact that it has many more charity shops.

I often think that the local council in Weymouth are determined that they will not carry out the will of the local people, because in some twisted way they feel that they won’t be told, regarding the fairy lights, the establishment of a Maritime Museum, decent toilets etc.

Local people are only trying to boost Weymouth.

They are proud of the town, and wish to present it in the best possible light, and lights.

It has so much to offer the visitor.

We are also very lucky in having people like Selwyn Williams and Mark Vine who relentlessly embark on improving local historical knowledge not only to the locals, but to the visitors too.

Their voices should be heard, and respected, by the council.


Melbourne Street, Weymouth