I am in love with West Bay.

I love the unspoiled sea side area that hasn't got thousands of betting shops and arcades, and I travel there at least every couple of months.

I am also a motor home owner. I am responsible, and don't leave a trace of having been in an area, and I abide by rules in regard to parking.

However, I fail to see why residents are so hesitant to have us in West Bay.

Currently I use a site for overnight sleeping and pay the £2 for day-time parking at Station car park.

Why don't you charge £10 a night and allow overnight parking?

Use the money to pay for a 'warden' and the extra generated can be put to use in the community.

We shop in your town, we eat in your restaurants and bring money in all year round – not just in the summer.

Rather than tarnish us all with the same brush – understand us.

Learn how to maximise the potential to support us to support your community!

Speak to your shop owners. We have! They want our trade.

As of November 1 each year all the camp sites are closed – so we have no where to stay.

Station car park is ideal – and we are happy to pay or don't - and accept that you are losing money.

I accept that some people take the mick and stay for weeks on end and use noisy generators etc, so have a warden who could monitor this and keep the few in check.

Don't stop West Bay being accessible!


Wentworth Avenue, Temple Herdewyke

Southam, Warwickshire