Seating and planters have been added to Dorchester’s South Street – the final steps in the improvement of the town’s main shopping street.

They have been installed by the town council after discussions with local traders and the county council’s highways department.

The idea for the wooden benches and planters emerged from talks with the BID (Business Improvement District) and local traders which identified that, once the paving of lower South Street had finished, there was a need for somewhere to sit and rest.

They were paid for from £6,000 in savings achieved on the main paving contract.

Town clerk Adrian Stuart says local traders have agreed to play a role in watering the planter, which should keep costs down, and some additional planters will be added with annual bedding next spring, funded by the BID.

“We aim to replace all of the other street furniture (benches, bins, etc) in South Street progressively over the next few years … The pace of this will be driven by available budget and the time our small team has available to install new furniture,” said Mr Stuart.

“Most importantly we want to work with the District and County Councils to make the Town Pump and Southgate spaces far more attractive and are waiting to see what proposals emerge from the District Council master planning exercise that is out for consultation.”