Bus passengers are reminded a fare increase comes into force today.

As reported, First Wessex is putting up some adult and child single and return tickets by 50p.

The company says the increase reflects the rising operational costs of running a bus operation.

Routes affected by the new increases include across-Portland journeys up from £2-£2.50 for an adult single and going up to the same price for an child return.

Weymouth-Portland journeys are increasing from £3 to £3.50 for an adult single and £4 to £4.50 for an adult return while child tickets are going up to £3.50 for a return (single fare not affected).

This also affects journeys starting on Portland.

Bridport-Dorchester fares are also increasing – £5 to £5.50 for an adult single and £6 to £6.50 for an adult return.

The child fare single ticket is up to £4 (return not affected).

Lyme Regis to Axminster fares are also affected.

First points out that a return fare can be used on multiple trips.

The increase has been criticised as it will hit low-income families.

County councillor for Portland Harbour division and borough councillor for Wyke Regis, Kate Wheller, said the fare increases were ‘unacceptable’.

Matthew Callow, Commercial Manager for First Wessex, said: “Our local bus services in Dorset are operated 100 per cent commercially, without any form of subsidy, and these increases are important and ensure that our business remains commercially sustainable in the long run.”