A project which aims to ensure no young woman misses out on her education because of her period has been set up in south Dorset.

The Red Box Project is a nationwide initiative which is trying to eradicate period poverty.

According to Plan UK, one in ten girls in the UK have been unable to afford sanitary wear.

Almost half of UK girls have missed an entire day of school because of their period, of which 59 per cent have made up a lie or excuse.

The Red Box Project is entirely community driven and run by individuals across the UK.

Guide leader, Lauren Copp said she heard about the project when she saw a collection at a guide camp and decided it was time to bring the project to her area.

Teaming up with fellow campaigner, Kayt Hutchings, Mr Copp started the Red Box Project Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester.

"I have four daughters, I'm a girl guide leader and a student mental health nurse so I have seen the issues with period poverty first hand and I want to make a difference. There's a real need for it in this area. From what I have seen there are girls who are really struggling," she said.

The project sets up collection boxes across the area where members of the public can donate sanitary and hygiene products.

When the boxes are full the products are donated to schools where girls can access them whenever they need.

"No woman should be held back because of her period. For a girl who doesn't have access to these sort of products, having the donation box can make a massive change to their lives. They don't have to answer any questions, they don't need to provide anything - they can just take them and carry on as normal," Mrs Copp said.

So far, donation boxes have been set up at Tom and Erin's Fancy Dress Shop on Weymouth seafront and Little Explorers childminders in Wyke Regis and a box will also soon be set up at Weymouth Morrisons.

Mr Copp said they were looking for donations of tampons, sanitary pads and press on towels, deodorants, knickers and hygiene wipes.

She added they were now appealing for more supermarkets, businesses and schools to get involved.

Anyone wishing to find our more can contact Mrs Copp and Miss Hutchings via redboxweymouthportland@outlook.com or via the Facebook page, Red Box Project Weymouth and Portland and Dorchester.

You can also donate towards the project via justgiving.com by searching Red Box Project Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester.