Rescue teams were called after a kite surfer was reportedly in difficulty in Weymouth Bay.

The coastguard received a 999 call just before 3pm from a member of the public who reported seeing a kite surfer in difficulty near to the Sealife Tower.

The informant reported seeing a kite surfer with a black kite come off their board in the rough seas.

The surfer did not appear to get back onto their equipment, making the member of the public raise the alarm.

Due to the initial reports, a team from Wyke Coastguard Rescue, Weymouth RNLI Inshore lifeboat and the Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 175 were all called to the incident.

The team made their way to the Sealife Tower where the lifeboat began an immediate search of the area the casualty was last seen.

As a 'mayday' call had been made on Channel 16, an Army Merlin helicopter, which was on exercise in the area, flew into Weymouth Bay and offered assistance to look for the casualty until Rescue 175 arrived on scene.

The military helicopter worked with the lifeboat to identify possible targets from the air. 

Whilst the lifeboat searched, the coastguard team from Wyke met the informant to get a view from their vantage point and direct the lifeboat to possible targets. 

The lifeboat reported back the only objects were pot marker buoys and flags from local fishing vessels. 

After almost an hour of extensive searching, with the helicopters searching as far as Portland Harbour, nothing had been found.

The mobile was then redirected to do a sweeping search of the bay towards the Cafe Oasis area as it is popular as an entry point for water sports enthusiasts. 

At Cafe Oasis the coastguard spoke to local windsurfers who reported seeing two kite surfers, one with an orange kite, the other predominantly black, get out of the water shortly after the alarm was raised. 

A local fishermen also confirmed seeing two kite surfers heading to the Cafe Oasis area. 

Shortly after the windsurfers confirmed speaking directly with the two local kite surfers who were both now packed away and safely at home.

The search was called off just after 4pm.