I WRITE in response to your article dated October 25th concerning the Brewers Quay Development.

Site purchased by Versant in 2010; various plans proposed; 2018 further revised plans proposed.

Eight years on and no signs of substantive progress; meanwhile the Grade II listed building housing the remnants of Weymouth Museum falls further into disrepair.

Surely it is time the planning committee took a long hard look at this developer's strategy and demand some straight answers.

They state that work has commenced at the adjacent site at Newtons Road.

Yes, a couple of large trenches were dug but then nothing.

All heavy building machinery was removed from site earlier this year.

We were assured this development would be completed by March 2019. The site is gradually returning to nature.

If Versant cannot proceed with this much smaller development there seems little chance for the much larger Brewers Quay site.

What are the reasons for the delays and has anyone taken the trouble to look into it?

This is a Grade II listed building at the heart of Weymouth's historic quay; it will degrade beyond economic repair if the proposed development is further delayed.

Councillors Kosior and Farquharson and the museum committee are right to be very concerned about Versant's level of commitment.

Is the council contractually able to disengage from this arrangement without liability if no progress is likely to be forthcoming?

I am sure I am not alone in being worried about the future of this iconic building.


Oakley Place, Weymouth