Peter Booth (Echo Letters, November 12) in his fulsome praise of the Budget exposes the Tory party's total lack of understanding of the context in which our economy operates.

Every economic activity, from producing goods to caring for the elderly depends upon materials, services and energy provided by the environment.

Yet Phillip Hammond's delusional Budget ignored the environment, resulting in the most nature-depleted budget in decades.

He chose to ignore the UK's record breaking weather this summer and the extreme weather events worldwide, the dire warnings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that we have only 12 years in order to make the changes necessary to prevent climate catastrophe, the WWF report that human consumption and climate change have destroyed half of all wildlife in the past 40 years.

Instead we saw the Chancellor accelerate faster towards climate chaos, as he threw £30bn at road building and froze fuel duty for the ninth year running.

This now amounts to a £9bn tax give-away, enough to reverse all the Tory benefit cuts of the past eight years.

Thus car owners are being financially encouraged to continue delivering the triple whammy of congestion, air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, whilst public transport remains desperately underfunded.

The result is that bus passengers like those using the No1 service from Weymouth to Portland, who contribute none of these triple whammy ills, experience reduced services and higher fares! (Echo front page headline November 5)

This is scant reward for those helping to do their bit for the environment!

Jacki Lambert

Press Officer

West & South Dorset Green Party


Gypsy Lane