Although it is always sad when a fatality occurs on a road (any road) it is essential that the speed limits are not reduced as a consequence unless it can be shown that the limit contributed to the accident and not breaking it.

We have seen calls for reduced limits on both Preston and Portland Beach Roads where the present limits if adhered to are within the competence of drivers to drive safely making decisions on reducing speed to meet traffic/pedestrian conditions.

That is why we pass a test to reach those decisions.

Unfortunately there are drivers who cannot on a clear road maintain a speed that does not frustrate other drivers.

On both the above roads oncoming weight of traffic almost always precludes safe overtaking and slow drivers create queues which when long enough reduce speed to the limit at either end.

Reduction of speed limits encourages incompetent driving and from a strictly mathematical standpoint reduces the optimum usage of the road when we really require more and more usage.


Wheatlands, Portland