Here's an interesting puzzle for your readers to solve; that’s only if they recognise its similarity to what is going on in Westminster.

A company which has enjoyed trading with a large group for many years questions whether it has been limited by the association so decides in its own questionably democratic and very debatable wisdom to put it to the vote of its shareholders.

They decide by a small margin to split with their much-maligned partner.

Troubles then arise in plenty. Because of various agreements and restrictions, their company cannot extricate itself in order to exploit its new-found 'freedom' and develop other business relationships. What's more, other traders are becoming unnerved by the threat to their own futures.

The board of directors is in a quandary. What can it do?

They don't want to risk upsetting 51 per cent of their shareholders by overriding the decision to dump their long-standing business partner but cannot afford to lose the 49 per cent who liked things as they were.

The wrangling looks like it could go on for years and the market is becoming very unsettled and even outsiders are very concerned. Share prices are plummeting.

Option 1, should the chairman call an extraordinary General Meeting telling everyone that the difficulties surrounding the company's attempts to extricate itself are insurmountable and the risks of continuing on that path could involve the company's isolation and severe damage?

Does he further explain that his directors are already resigning in large numbers?

Does he state that he intends to implement another shareholders’ vote after outlining all the newly-discovered disadvantages of pursuing their original preference?

Does he accept full responsibility for the chaos? Does he end by saying that regardless of the outcome of the new vote, he will resign when the result is known?

Or Option 2, does he continue to fudge along in his job, ignoring the collapse of the company continuing to claim he did his best whilst continuing to relish the importance of his position in life and thinking only of his own future as black clouds of despair engulf his staff, workers, customers and suppliers?