CLIF Moreton calls people attending the People’s Vote March in London ‘bad losers’ who are ‘brimming with self-righteous and patronising assumption’. I wonder if he has actually spoken to any of those people or is indeed himself making his own self-serving assumptions about their motivations?

I attended that march and enjoyed a peaceful day, marching alongside 100,000 people of all ages.

Calling members of the electorate ‘bad losers’ implies that Brexit is some sort of game – it is much more serious than that.

Brexit has been called ‘the will of the people’ when in fact it is the will of some, misinformed people. It is becoming clearer every day that financial and business experts believe Brexit will be catastrophic for our economy and our children’s futures.

Mr Moreton uses inflammatory language to make his point – according to him ‘the foaming gaggle of remainiacs... brimming...and patronising’ spoiled his day out.

Well This ‘Remainiac’ I choose sweeter words to sum up what the People’s Vote March and demands for a second referendum are about – Peace (which is what the EU was originally established to maintain after the war and has succeeded in) and love (for all, in one united world, and by doing the best and right thing for future generations).


Wyke Regis