Hi Readers, it’s William writing this week and my turn to talk about what I like to watch on TV.

In the winter it feels there are lots more reality shows like Strictly Come Dancing, the X Factor and I'm a Celebrity. I think there are now too many of these reality shows, and I would like to see more sport. I would also like to see less repeat programmes, like Dad’s Army, although I do tend to watch them when they are on because they are still funny!

I think it’s important to have a good choice of programmes on TV in the darker nights as we tend to stay in more, and so are likely to watch more. The winter programmes I most look forward to are Doctor Who, Casualty, Mrs Browns Boys and Peter Kay. As I write this, Emily is disagreeing and says she thinks there should be more films on!

I really like Strictly Come Dancing and seeing the different dances and outfits. But I don’t like the way the judges criticise people about their dancing as often I don’t agree with their judgement, and sometimes they can be quite nasty. It would be nice if they could be kinder and less critical in their comments. As I write this, I hope that Graeme Swan wins, because I think he’s the best and he’s also a nice man.

Both Emily and I would both be interested to know if you, readers, think in the winter that we end up watching too much TV? Or would it be better for people to be doing more of other things like knitting, reading, visiting friends in need, going out walking, more voluntary work and other useful activities – which would also keep us a lot fitter and less addicted to the ‘box’?

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