Up until now, I’ve had a smidgen of sympathy with Heather Robinson’s letters but I fear she has now confronted me with a dilemma in, ‘It’s time to unite’ – November 22.

She claims we don’t have the democracy we fought for. I agree but that’s not because of our being in the EU. It’s much more likely that we have refused to accept that its group of 27 nations is more democratic than the UK!

The farcically puerile First Past The Post electoral system was dumped ages ago in Europe but we’ve clung like a diseased limpet to its perpetually divisive and polarising system.

In telling us to respect the referendum vote, Heather clearly forgot that only one third of us voted to leave. Is the current shambles democratic?

Am I supposed to feel ‘united’ with a hypocritical minority that want to destroy my freedom and that of my children, grandchildren and everyone else’s?

Like Heather, I would love to live in a country which isn’t ‘drained and polluted’ as she correctly describes it.

The problem for me is that it’s hard to find people who believe in equality. A significant number of those who voted to Leave were willing to not only risk damaging our country’s economy but also their own family members losing their jobs. How can I think of ‘uniting’ with people with such abject attitudes?

Every day, I become even more depressed at the misery being inflicted on this country’s people by a government which only 36 per cent of us voted for. The statistics of their callous austerity campaign reveal a war waged on the defenseless whilst rewarding greed. Ironically, the European Convention of Human Rights has attacked its policies. How can I feel like ‘uniting’ with the purveyors of a programme of cruelty which a psychologist might describe as sociopathic or neo-Darwinist?

How am I supposed to ‘unite’ with those of my age who despite having enjoyed lives of good health, food, education and financial security entirely down to the social revolution of the 1940s and 1950s but have since become so forgetful of their earlier good fortune that they now knowingly vote for a Conservative Party which constantly sows seeds of inequality, suffering and despair? They’ve lost Dad’s Army’s compassion!

Mike Joslin