In response to Movie Tolley's letter ‘Not Baffling’ which was in reply to my letter about Queen Mother Square in Poundbury.

She states that by not having road markings and differing textured surfaces makes drivers more aware and they will drive more carefully.

In Utopia maybe!

There are too many bad drivers on our roads and a lack of markings only gives them more ‘rein’ to do as they want.

So ok, you can argue that having markings will not make a different, but at least it gives a better guidance.

You take away the white central lines and motorists think they can use the whole of the road!

Coming up to Queen Mother Square a couple of weeks ago and a car in front of us was nearly hit by someone coming out from the restaurant because he was not sure where he had to stop.

So, logic and common-sense spring to mind, but we are dealing with a lot of drivers who should not be on the road.

The drivers who do not know which lane they should be in at a roundabout.

The drivers who overtake on bends.

The drivers who have their headlights on continually as they do fog lamps.

However, all that (and so much more bad road usage I could talk about) aside, it does still look unfinished.

The statue could be made more in to a recognisable roundabout for who it is supposed to be honouring.

I feel it is quite shabby.

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