After reading about the forthcoming first phase of the peninsula progress, I’m afraid I cannot join in Cllr Jeff Cant’s jubilation for this project.

I speak as an ex-hotelier of 24 years in the business that gradually went downhill with the loss of the Condor due to the council’s negligence of the harbour.

Putting a 100-room hotel on to the peninsula and a pub diner with rooms is going to affect all of our hotels and not for the better.

Does this plan involve public toilets for the tourists?

As so far our council do not think there is a need for any.

I would also like to know what exactly the all-weather leisure attractions are going to be for phase two of the project, the one thing we don’t want is more slot machines that encourage the young to gamble, perhaps Cllr Cant will enlighten me?

I also read that the shadow Dorset Council executive committee have endorsed the next step of this project to go ahead.

Does that mean that the peninsula has been tested to see if it is structurally sound enough to hold the 100-room hotel plus pub diner with rooms?

Please would you enlighten me on this?

Cllr Jeff Cant states that the peninsula progress is a step closer to bringing our town into the 21st century, and that it will be a legacy for the next generation.

I sincerely hope he is right!


Wyke Regis,