We have had another example of how our council is riding roughshod over our town.

I refer to the planning meeting yesterday at the Pavilion theatre, concerning the Peninsula development.

My first disappointment was how few members of the public bothered to attend.

Even on this important matter, it would appear apathy rules.

The planning committee must have been very relieved to see so few there.

However what followed has left me puzzled.

Are some of these councillors extremely naive, or do they think we are not clever enough to see through their ways.

We were all told repeatedly, by the officers, that this was only outline planning and would not necessarily have any bearing on the final planning application.

Is that why they have spent so much, of our money, putting together the current plans of a hotel and three restaurants, plus a pub/hotel at the front of the Pavilion.

And is that why, within hours of the recommendation going through, that Mr Cant, council leader, is quoted as saying: "We are delighted with today`s decision as it gives us permission to move into Phase 1 of our ambitious plans".

Thankfully not all of the councillors were so duped, Cllr James, correctly pointed out that the detail laid out in the submission before them would, of course, form the basis of any future application.

Cllr Nash, pointed out that being born and brought up in Weymouth, she wanted to see some, (or was it any) progress made on this site.

Well, I think you will find, that so did every member of the public in that room and probably quite a few who were not, just not the one being suggested today.

I have long been an advocate of doing away with the party system, especially at a local level.

Everyone should stand as an Independent, as I intend to do.

In my opinion, yet another blatant example of the party line was demonstrated at the end of this meeting.

The application was carried seven for, four against. The seven for, were all Conservative councillors. The four against were not.

It could of course just be coincidence.

John Liles

Preston, Weymouth