The Christmas window display at The Old Chapel Store in Buckland Newton has returned for a third year.

The Buckland Gallery provides a continuous window display for The Old Chapel Store in Buckland Newton and has revealed this year’s festive exhibition, featuring mice figures only a few centimetres high.

Carole Barnett at the Buckland Gallery said: “As the Gallery looks forward to its third Christmas, the Yuletide display this year has continued its countryside theme and includes new designs.

“In addition to the woodland vintage mice depicted as carol singers and Christmas shoppers, we have Constable Donnison eager to ensure the Sedan Chair does not break any speed limits, Monty and Marmaduke of the Mole in the Hole Coal Company delivering coal to the Old Chapel Stores, the Fox Huntsmen and their Mice Lady Hunters discussing what to hunt and Jay Phipps, from the Alton Pancras Shoot, chatting with Mr Jonny Stewart and Mr John Pye.

“The Gallery, still maintaining its policy of displaying only Made in Dorset products, is becoming more popular and we are proud that we have been able to remain open in these economically unpredictable times.”

The Buckland Gallery is run on a voluntary basis and currently promotes over twenty Dorset artisans. There is a wide range of gifts and accessories all handmade in Dorset, from numerous mediums and of assorted styles.