I have to agree with April Lee of Wyke Regis about the plans the council are hoping to change in the peninsula area.

In the article which councillor Jeff Cant stated that it would be a legacy for the younger generation.

All the years I have come to Weymouth it is the older generations who have supported the businesses.

They also brought their family to enjoy what Weymouth offers for all ages, yet the council do not listen to the residents, businesses or visitors who have stated they do not like what they are doing to the peninsula area.

This I find disappointing as it was the one place which under the council control it was close to be demolished when a group of local people took on the challenge, with in a year even though they had to repair areas which the council did not maintain.

Now the council wishes to take away parking near to the Pavilion who is able to look after over a thousand people.

So why is the council not supporting a business who has shown they are bring more people into Weymouth?

When you see how they have interested very big artists to appear on our Pavilion stage and you have to be quick to get your seats.

The Ocean Room is also have great dances, also how great that you are also able to enjoy a great meal which make a great night out. In the day time it is also a great meeting place over a drink and food with good views.

Finally who is really going to benefit from these changes as it not the residents or the local businesses then it must be the councillors?


Faversham, Weymouth