I was appalled to read in yesterday’s Echo the quote from Councillor Cant that Weymouth should be happy to transfer assets to the Unitary council, where he sits on the shadow executive, because they have to pay for services like social care which are underfunded by HIS government.

Why should Weymouth people give up their seafront properties and car parks to subsidise services that our income tax should be paying for. This government has pared £100m off the Dorset County Council budget in the last four years.

It is not for Weymouth Town Council to make good this shortfall by losing those assets that would enable it to function effectively as one of the largest town councils in the country.

I echo Ken Whatley’s plea for the shadow town council to fight for its true legacy and not be bullied into thinking they do not have the right to ask for these assets.

David Harris

Grays, Southill