Borough councillors are being asked to approve further sharps boxes for Weymouth town centre loos.

Some already have them for drug-users to dispose safely of their needles, but councillors are being told they should extend the scheme to improve public safety.

A decision will be made at the December 11th meeting of the borough management committee.

Community protection officer Graham Duggan says the boxes were already in use in about half a dozen toilets in the town.

The committee is also being asked to request Public Health Dorset to examine its needle exchange programme and to look at how it might be made more effective.

A proposal also asks for talks about a town centre community safety ‘hub’ where agency staff who work with the homeless, drug and alcohol abusers and other vulnerable people, could be set up, possibly in a disused shop. The site would not be open to the public but could be used, from time to time, for drop-in sessions.