Having read the recent shenanigans over Weymouth’s new Peninsula development scheme I am incensed that, yet again Weymouth Planners seem to blindly go where no one follows.

Weymouth’s planning decisions of the last ten plus years have blighted Weymouth in the eyes of so many and if it wasn’t for the lovely harbour and beach itself, Weymouth’s appeal would be frightful!

We do not need more hotels, but do need a quality development of shops, parking and housing to bring people back.

All this could be encompassed in one sympatric Georgian type development incorporating the café culture of water fronted bars and restaurants looking back at Weymouth bay and its beautiful harbour.

Planners would do well to speak with Witney (Oxfordshire) planners for their award-winning collaboration with the Simon’s Group’s development of Marriotts Close.

A development of retail, leisure and residential places.

The biggest high street names with 130 apartments and a six-storey car park, some 600 cars completely hidden from view within the centre of the development.

The council cannot and should not do this themselves.

Private equity should finance, risk and manage with Weymouth leasing the land whilst reaping the rewards and accolades of neighbouring seaside towns and tourism.

Witney’s £50m project had a smaller foot print than the peninsula scheme does!

And while you’re at it; why not include a new Pavilion theatre in the development keeping the facade of the old, whilst hiding the theatre inside.

Oh, and knock down that monstrosity called the Jurassic skyline tower and if you have to; perhaps a rotating deck/restaurant on top of the new development.

Come on Weymouth think big, think bold.


Velsheda Court, Preston