Having reflected on what I said in my last letter about the ‘threadbare’ country we are creating and how we are losing our compassion for one another, I have had some second thoughts.

There are probably many like me out there who want a fairer, more representative means of running the country so please indulge my attempt to unite with them as Heather Robinson wishes me to do.

I see six main issues preventing this; Brexit, housing, the NHS, homelessness and poverty, the lack of real democracy and education.

They may not all be ‘burning issues’ to everyone but we are all affected by them to a greater or lesser degree.

Our voices are drowned by the war of attrition fought in the media for a monopoly of absolute power. This is always gained by minority governments.

In just a few generations we have lost any semblance of political compromise. Just look at West Dorset District Council for example. Only one Party, Lib Dem offers a reprieve from this travesty of a democracy. Why?

Remainers include 74 per cent of all youngsters under 24 so make up over 50 per cent of all voters.

They can find a ‘ready-made home’ with Lib Dems.

Unless we are one of the rich few, 100 per cent of us will need at some time, NHS care and attention.

We cannot continue living with the barely-concealed threat of its deliberate destruction and subsequent privatisation.

Lib Dems support its continuation and improvement.

Fifty per cent of us are homeless and/or in need of food banks or are compassionately helping those who are. It’s a Lib Dem priority to replace Theresa’s ‘unsaintly’ platitudes and false promises about ‘the many not the few’ with equality and fairness.

Sixty per cent of us who are sick of not getting what they want with First Past The Post can fight with Lib Dems to obtain the essential proportional representation their political affiliations rightly deserve (four million Brexiteers got only one MP).

At least 50 per cent of us are disappointed with the currently depleted ‘free’ education for their offspring and cannot afford the private schools which guarantee the wealthy’s children successful ‘networking’ lives. They will find through Lib Dems, they can fight with like-minds for the equality and freedom of ‘classlessness’.

Do we want to get 60 per cent of what we desire most of the time or just 40 per cent only some of the time? It’s a ‘no-brainer’.

Your readers should remember this at national and local election times. If we follow our needs, it could be the Lib Dem party leading a coalition. Much fairer all round.

Mike Joslin