Aldi is asking to build another supermarket in Weymouth – close to the existing Sainsbury and Morrison stores.

If approved it will shut the existing store at the Jubilee Retail Park, according to a consultant report to the borough council.

An application for the 1,800 square metre supermarket, off Mercery Road, will be considered by the local planning committee on December 12 – with a recommendation to approve.

The company says it will create 100 car parking spaces on the site and is being asked to also provide a bus shelter on the opposite site of Mercery Road to the existing bus stop.

Letters to the planning committee raise concerns about the extra traffic the store might generate with some questioning the need for an extra shop in the area. There are also worries about closing the Jubilee Retail Park store, closer to the town centre, leaving a vacant site and creating no additional jobs.

However, Tia Roos, councillor for Melcombe Regis where the Jubilee Retail Park store stands said the loss of the existing Aldi would be a blow for her ward and in particular the Park District.

"Melcombe Regis is an area of deprivation where many people don't have a car and walk to get their shopping. They would be moving it outside the ward, where people who don't have a lot of money would have to catch a bus," she said.

Miss Roos said the existing Aldi was a "shining beacon" of the park district and its removal would force residents to trek longer distances to Asda and Lidl.

"You can't walk that distance if you are elderly, have a pushchair or lot of shopping. I think it's really unfair. People shouldn't have to walk for an hour to get a decent meal," she said.

But Aldi say the new store will be bigger and could created between 15 and 20 extra jobs.

The proposed building is based on the latest Aldi concept, featuring a mono-pitch roof, projected out along the front elevation with the entrance/exit placed at the corner of the sales area and would be glazed full height. The proposed materials would be composite insulated cladding panels in two colours ,silver and anthracite grey with a mid-grey roof.

The borough planning committee is being asked to delegate authority to the Head of Planning for approval subject to a legal agreement to ensure a financial contribution for the bus shelter as well as agreement of other conditions.