South Dorset MP Richard Drax thinks the ‘deal’ that PM Mrs. May has brought back from Brussels is a ‘Betrayal’ (Dorset Echo – November 15)

Presumably, then he will vote ‘no’ when it comes to ‘the meaningful vote’ in Parliament?

By the same token West Dorset’s MP Oliver Letwin, who campaigned for Remain during the Referendum, will also vote ‘no’ in the certain knowledge that his constituents are now committed, by 54 per cent according to a recent poll, to staying in the European Union?

West Dorset for EU have campaigned hard for this transformation of local public opinion and went up to London in strength to participate in the anti-Brexit March in October, which involved over 700,000 people from throughout Britain.

Despite the change in the public mood, Theresa May insists that there cannot be another public vote.

The Labour Party call the current situation ‘shambolic’, and of course they’re right, but they have desperately failed to show the required national leadership at a time of peril for the


Their collective leadership continue to prevaricate, citing Leave voters in some Labour constituencies, ignoring the fact that these constituencies have now turned like Autumn leaves to Remain.

They are additionally refusing to acknowledge the 78 per cent of Labour Party members who support EU membership.

There is a hard core of Labour activists who insist that being pro-Europe is being disloyal to Corbyn’s leadership.

A complete nonsense of course, along with the myth that the railways cannot be in the public domain inside Europe.

The real irony is that of all the available options – this deal, a no deal and staying in Europe endorsed by a Peoples’ Vote – our current arrangements are by far the best. No Brexit is better by a nautical mile!

Richard Denton-White