I read in your newspaper today the article of the police posing as cyclists to target drivers who over take to closely.

After reading this article it made me think of a bugbear of mine which also made me think of the article of the police catching drivers using their phones whilst driving.

These are both great as I strongly believe drivers should be more cautious whilst driving and think of others and what there actions could cause to other road users.

However, I never read of police cracking down on cyclists riding their bicycles without a helmet or lights.

This is another topic I feel so strongly about mainly because I feel drivers get caught out (rightly so) but a cyclist can get away with cycling down a 30mph road with no helmet or lights, surely there putting there lives more at risk than a driver especially at peak driving times?

If a driver gets a fine for not wearing a seat belt or a brake light out, why can’t a cyclist to if they cycle on main roads with no helmet or lights/visibility?

Am I the only person who believes this is just as important as wearing a seatbelt and police should be also cracking down on this or do drivers and cyclist have different rules of the road?

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