MAY should go! Vince Cable said in Parliament that she has lost ‘all authority’ to govern.

Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet colleagues should stop sitting on the fence on Europe and set in motion rescinding Article 50 which would give Britain more time to negotiate a mutually better deal with the EU and enable a Peoples’ Vote (which an overwhelming majority of Labour party supporters want) or even just remain in on current terms as the ECJ have just ruled is possible.

A General Election may or may not be probable, but a Peoples’ Vote is realistically possible.

It’s time for the Labour Party in Parliament to actually act as the official opposition.

The current shambolic state of our politics was confirmed for me, when West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin got up during ‘the No Vote’ debate and like the good sycophant that he is praised Mrs May for ‘her bravery and courage’ and asserted that most people in his constituency, including non-Conservatives supported her.

Well Oliver I don’t know how often you get out on the streets of West Dorset, but when I have campaigned for a second vote in Dorchester and Bridport it’s certainly not the impression I get from the passing and sometimes engaging public.

There must be a sea change in leadership here in Britain to resolve Brexit.

Mrs May should accept the proffered door gracefully (no chance her residence at No 10 shows).

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn needs to grasp the need for clear leadership to help resolve this national crisis. Sadly, I’m not holding my breath on either!


Fortuneswell, Portland