Having now read several articles in various 'Echo' editions on the subject of licences for landlords in the Melcombe Regis ward, of which the Park District is a large part,I feel as a resident I am permitted to give a view on how I see what might result from such a proposal.

Firstly I can see how this idea came about, without going into protracted detail, the 'Park' area has over the years gained a reputation, and not a favourable one at that.

So understandably is ripe for targeting for a scheme such as that proposed.

I read that a consultation will be held in the near future, and that the council have been given the benefit of the experience of Staffordshire's system as a guideline on which to base the one proposed here in Weymouth.

The cost to landlords is estimated to be no more than £600. Is this per annal or a one off payment?

Further to this I read that it is proposed that anyone with a criminal record would be refused a licence to be a landlord.

Added to which any property that is deemed not to meet a certain criteria could be listed as a domicile unfit to let, unless the owner of the property brings the property up to a standard dictated by law.

If implemented, this scheme would involve HMOs (houses of multiple occupation) being first on the list for inspection, and if not up to standard, would mean such landlords, not wishing to pay for improvements, selling up and placing many tenants in a position of being itinerants.

Or some may try to circumvent the system by asking their tenants to make a statement saying that the accommodation in which they are living being classed as below the criteria set, that they are quite satisfied and happy to live there, and would not wish to leave.

I am sure there would be other anomalies that would be mooted. I await the results of the consultation with baited breath!


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