Sad to read so many letters, re. the state of Weymouth and lack of Christmas festivities to invite the much needed visitors to the town.

My husband and I were brought up in Weymouth but moved away because of work in the 1970s, returned many times! Still visit occasionally and each time are so disappointed and saddened as to the state of the town.

So much so that when asked I just say now that I come from Dorset rather than identifying Weymouth!

As far back as the 1970s we and many others realised the town could not rely on the location it had to up the game. It never has.

One can always blame the council but there has been many different councils since then but nothing has changed.

Is it a case of 'small town mentality' I do not believe that, I am sure /know there are many people wanting to improve things.

What is the answer? Is it the council? Is it the chamber of commerce? Is it (dare I say it) the locals against change?

Whatever it needs to be addressed, you are all lucky to live in such a wonderful part of our country. Make it work for you.


Reading, Berkshire