Along with many other care service providers, the nurses of Marie Curie in Dorset and throughout the country will be working over Christmas and the new year giving care to sufferers of terminal illnesses in their own homes.

They also provide valuable respite for their friends and relatives during the day and night lightening the darkness that they are going through. Their work is inspiring, and fortunately there are very loyal supporters that help to raise funds to help with the increasing costs required to pay for the nursing. In this respect I’d particularly like to thank Mrs Chris Roberts and Mrs Margaret Horton, both of whom have reason to support Marie Curie.

Chris held a party for 60 of her friends and raised £350, while Margaret and her sister Barbara Walton raised £305 by having a coffee morning with their friends.

These two events took a considerable amount of time and effort to organise, but together will mean that the money will pay for almost a week of care by Our nurses in Dorset!

Thank you to all Marie Curie supporters during 2018, and if you would like to volunteer to help in any way, please contact me on or by calling me on 07879 692369.


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