The Dorset Echo has launched its new feature, If I Were Prime Minister for a Day. Here, we are giving our readers the chance to say what they would do if they ran the country for just one day. Interested in having your say? Keep your contributions from 320 to 350 words and email to

By Mike Joslin

The first thing I would do would be to avoid assuming that my views were more important than anyone else's! The world is already full of people and political parties who think they know best and replacing Theresa May with another one would be like playing a sick joke.

I would immediately inform the country that I intended to merely attempt to persuade everyone to accept a new general election under Proportional Representation rules.

I would explain to the country that this would hopefully establish a new 'coalition' Cabinet reflecting the views and aspirations of all citizens and not just those of one autocratic Political Party. We’ve had too many of those. I would then spend the rest of the day urging that the new 'Rainbow' government (IF and WHEN it was formed), considered the following urgent priorities:

GLOBAL WARMING. We are on course to the imminent and total destruction of life as we know it. Perhaps start with banning cars for one day a week working towards globally banishing non-electric vehicles altogether within 6 years. Set an example for the rest of the world.

HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES. Find ways to halt the savaging of the poor and needy both in the UK and other parts of the world either in the name of a phony ideological austerity or as a direct result of the current inexplicable individual and corporate greed which is sucking life from the planet.

INEQUALITY. Consider a new progressive taxation regime which in previous years had reached the highest band of 95%. Rout out of society all of the ways in which the wealthy currently avoid paying their dues and excessively reward themselves.

Problems can only be solved in the long term by cooperation, compromise, consideration and concern both with, and for, one another. If given the chance, people didn't wish to pursue those objectives, I could only accept that we are all irrevocably heading for a very nasty ending.