THE winter of discontent approaches.

Richard Denton-White is absolutely right.

Our flawed FPTP 'democracy' has been turned into a shambles by 'fifth columnists'; people who readily believe the propaganda put out for years by 'saboteurs' in the Tory Party.

We have a national crisis and now have to put up with stupid 'St Trinian's' games across the dispatch box.

Brexit support for the League of Abandonment of Common Sense by its members (Lackcents) has come mainly from those who have little to lose; the over 55's as well as a lot of politicians like Richard Drax whose private wealth makes them immune to its effects.

In the 'Shires' many retired, pensioned citizens have happily voted away the future prospects of those aged under 24 where the only immigration has been from the Home Counties to places like Poundbury.

Reasonableness departed two years ago when 64 per cent of the over-55s voted Leave and 80 per cent of the under-24s voted Remain.

How does that imply faith in the young?

The Prime Minister is risking the country's future by driving us by High Speed Rail to a Lemming 'cliff-edge' as she worships at the altar of ambition.

'Stupid' is how I would describe an extremely rich Cabinet and its leader who don’t realise that austerity should be paid for by their kind as well as the poor.

I'm resigned to the fact that we deserve all we get. The damage has been done.

Things will never be the same.

Hopefully, what will come out of it all will be the demise of the Tory Party whose class-driven ideology has sacrificed ‘the many in favour of the few' and has rendered this Christmas the worst for the poor since the 1950s.

While all this has been going on, its lack of responsible government has allowed the bosses of our greedy corporations, insurers and usurers to 'rip off' the public and flaunt their wealth while they do so.

Since chaos is now unavoidable, let's welcome it. Out of chaos comes order!