Today I have thanked my refuse collectors for an excellent job that they carry out day in day out.

They are always efficient, cheerful and pleasant, no matter the weather or conditions.

However, one cannot use the same adjectives on both the old council and the new one which is already costing the county of Dorset not pounds but millions and it hasn’t come into existence yet.

For us ratepayers we budget for forthcoming likely expenses, we do not have the expertise of finance officers who, as part of their remit should be able to foretell the likely expenses which will be incurred through an amalgamation of councils.

Far from saving ratepayers money it is costing untold amounts, people and services still unsure where their destiny will be come April 2019 – a bare three months away.

Is it the same for all elected public service employees whether national or local that there seems to be a lack of forethought, responsibility and accountability?

Also what about the other offices dotted around the west of the county or will they be sold for pittance as in the past?

What we have for the increase in rates is less and less services for our money.

Dorchester is unsure whether we will have a tourist office and if we do where it will be sited and whether it will form part of the local council or new authority and this concept applies to most things.

Are we supposed to pay for this muddled thinking.

Vote in the new year for people who cannot make the simplest decisions except as with MPs, voting for pay rises.

Some of the original council's personnel will join the new authority, some have been recruited and in post now but a vast amount will need to be spent on training.

Perhaps the questions should be asked firstly for what?

Secondly why employ and recruit personnel if training needs to be done and lastly what have these ‘officers’ achieved in the past?

No wonder the likes of myself are cynical and fed up with paying for something we don’t get, if this was the private sector we could sue!

So come on guys whilst there isn’t much hope I’m a a realist but how about value for money!


Bridport Road, Dorchester