I DO wonder if the young people fully realise the implications of Tony Blair’s Labour Government in allowing unlimited immigration into this small island of ours.

They should be made to understand that they will never be able to buy a home of their own, if we continue to increase our population at the rate we are today.

At the present time, if all immigration stopped tomorrow, it will take years to build enough houses to accommodate everyone here today.

There is also the question of the infrastructure, schools, roads and hospitals etc, that even now cannot be built.

Under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour policies, if he was elected he would continue with uncontrolled immigration, which would make the situation worse.

It is not a question of not liking the immigrants or racism but of common sense.

This is the main reason why so many wish to leave the EU and it may be that more older people voted to leave than the young, this was as parents they could see that future generations may never get on the housing ladder. Immigration must be brought down to a sensible level.


Shrubbery Lane, Weymouth