Yesterday's front page story was about a petition calling for the early closure of pubs and bars - and fears that this would 'cripple' businesses. The issue split readers. Here are just some of the comments.

  • Well, if you will rent or buy a property in or close to a town centre what do you expect? Ridiculous petition and I'm pleased to see it is not going to be taken any further. Yeah right
  • Some of the people complaining will have lived there long before the days when pubs were open till 3 in the morning and lots of customers began standing smoking outside half the night. Rocksalt
  • It's a downward spiral as late night problems increase families move out and nobody wants to buy property. You then get empty properties and landlords desperate to rent will be less selective. Properties become less looked after and anti social behaviour escalates as there is no community cohesion. You only have to look at Weymouth to see what an imbalance between night and day economy results in. Tobermory
  • In the near future, Weymouth will have to think through how to convert ex-retail space into successful housing. Late licences and residential areas do not mix. I suspect there'll be zoning, ie late licenced venues will be clustered away from the main grid of historic roads. Nothing for Batista and Aaya to worry about yet but longer term, maybe. James Farquharson
  • Where can I find this petition? I would like to add my name to it. Recent increase in night time vandalism has started to feel very threatening. Tollicke
  • This is ridiculous. I live right on the high street and rarely hear any noise at all. Yes on some occasions (eg cider fest, new year etc) there are some louder people about, but I have never had an issue as they usually are walking past and it stops pretty quick. I think you will find more people are supportive of our local pubs than aren't. Not to mention the impact closing would have on the local economy. No one wants to live in a ghost town! Sarador