The Brexit nightmare continues because of the Prime Minister’s unachievable ‘red lines’, her abject efforts to keep her ERG warring colleagues on board and her desperate obstinacy to put off the day of judgement and somehow force through a May deal, even if that means propelling Britain off the precipice of a No Deal.

Her refusal to have a Meaningful Vote until January 14 personifies her appalling determination to maintain the uncertainty to a point that there isn’t the time to consider alternatives to her woeful deal.

Stuff the country’s national interests, keep Mrs. May and her in conflict Conservative Party in power – that’s the message coming out!

Corbyn’s Labour Party have, at last, tabled a Parliamentary Vote of No Confidence.

Hopefully, that will be passed, but that in itself won’t ultimately prevent Britain from falling off the edge with a nailed on disaster for jobs, our economy and social coherence in our bitterly divided society.

June 23, 2016 will undoubtedly go down in our island’s history as the most collectively stupid act since the Second World War.

An act of collective ignorance and self harm based on misinformation, blatant lies and exposing a nasty rash of nationalistic xenophobia – reflected in the spike of hate crimes since the Referendum.

The only rational and democratic option left is a Peoples’ Vote with a dynamic and informed campaign culminating in a simple ballot question – Accept the Government’s so called deal (or no deal) or stay in the European Union.

Because of the blatantly undemocratic manoeuvres of Mrs May to waste Parliament’s time to stop such a vote, that will require suspension of Article 50.

If the Government are determined to put paid to Parliamentary sovereignty we the people must overturn their perceived authority to govern.


Fortuneswell, Portland