Yesterday's headline news was a call by residents in the Park District for a rethink on how parking works in the area. Many said they felt 'trapped' because they pay £70 a year for permits - but there are often no spaces to park. Here's what our readers had to say...

  • Try working in the park district when the house does not have any permits! Trade workers should be able to buy some sort of permit to park also, as emergencies leaks etc I have no time to go get a permit. MASK & SNORKEL
  • Would I be right in assuming that there are less guesthouses now than there were when the parking scheme was introduced? HMOs where the old guesthouses are surely more of a problem but they still keep getting permission for conversion. And then there are houses with multiple cars. Blaming guesthouses is not the answer. OpenWaterSwim
  • Residents are sold the concept of buying permits on the belief it will be for residents. There’s little point in having a permit scheme if everyone under the sun can buy them you may just as well make it all pay and display. Harbour Bored
  • Would I be right in assuming that the permit scheme is not to assist residents to park, but to raise money for the council. tackleberry
  • Probably not, given that up and down the country these schemes only tend to be introduced in response to residents complaining about not being able to park. Requests are routinely turned down. I don’t suppose that would be the case if the council saw them as a good earner. It would be far simpler, and pots finally more lucrative, to just introduce more metered on street parking. And I suspect more straightforward to sit back and allow a free for all. Rocksalt
  • So people bought a house with no private garage or parking space and are now complaining about having no parking?! What a shocker. Dorset stuff
  • Yes I know but they are also sold the idea that the area has a residents’ parking scheme place. rustymick